The CBD Tincture is made from THC free HEMP extract, which makes it safe, effective and non-habit forming. Available as a tincture/oil, it can be used with your meals or liquids.

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Natural CBD Pro is a hemp oil enriched cannabidiol tincture, which may help support anxiety relief & overall wellness. The hemp oil enriched formula may help regulate mood patterns to support a feeling of calm. It may also help trigger an anti-stress response and may help you feel more relaxed. 

Natural CBD Pro is made from organic Hemp Extract which is filtered to remove any traces of THC. The tincture is also easy to use and goes well with any meals and drinks that you have in your daily routine.

  • Formulated with pure & organic Hemp oil.

  • Free from the "high-causing" compound, THC.

  • Available as a tincture/oil, it's easy to take.